Gain Total CONTROL of Your INCOME
Get Consistent Traffic, Clients & Income 
Without the Frustration & Overwhelm
If You Match One or More Of The Following... 
We Need To Talk:
  •  You want to sell high end coaching or services with an automated application process
  •  You want to sell on online training course or membership site
  •  You want to sell an automated online product or service
Chic Funnel Templates, Expert Strategy 
Tech Support
Join the Chic Funnel Mastermind and Get Your Roadmap to Financial Freedom  
"A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders... Traci is a funnel badass!"
Rachele Brooke Smith
Actress, Disruptive Academy Founder
How Do You Know If The Chic Funnel Mastermind is Right for My Business?
  •  You know your business needs a funnel but you're totally overwhelmed... How do you know which one will be profitable for your business?
  •  You've tried to create your own funnels before but you get stuck on...
  •  Funnel Strategy & Building
  •  Lead Magnets & Competitive Analysis
  •  Offer & Pricing Strategy
  •  Funnel Hacking
  •  Writing Sales Copy & Email Sequences
  •  Graphics & Image Creation
  •  Facebook Ads
  •  All the Tech Stuff
You Need Consistent Traffic, Consistent Clients & Consistent Income. RIGHT NOW!
If You're STILL Struggling To Succeed...
If you are currently stuck right now, it's because of one of the following:
  •  Lack of Focus
  •  Too Many Choices
  •  Feeling Overwhelmed
  •  Lack of Confidence
If You're Ready To Overcome Any Or ALL Of These Issues In Your Business 
Then You're In The Right Place!
Working with Traci is a magical experience! From the moment we met I knew she was a Soul Sister and was someone that I wanted to work with. She understood my vision, my struggles and was able to bring life to all of the ideas I had in my head. She was organized, efficient, knowledgeable, and a joy to work with – pretty much everything you need when looking for a funnel project manager! Because of Traci my Manifesting Miracles Bootcamp online course is a HUGE success. There’s no way it would be the course that it is, without her funnel magic. Thank you for everything.” 
Ro Ferrelli
Intuitive Coach, Manifesting Miracles Bootcamp
When we work together you will get very very specific, actionable insight into ALL aspects of growing consistent sales and your business as a whole.
The Most Popular Programs Teach Funnel Methods To 1000’s Of Students Every Day.  

Yet how many successful and consistent 6/7 figure business owners do you see coming out of them?

It's estimated that 97% never even finish the program!

And it's not because their programs are wrong.

It's just that they’re...

You see

Most programs are missing one or two important ingredients.

I get it.


You need CLARITY on your offering.
You need the RIGHT funnel.
You need TONS of traffic.
You need STRONG messaging.

Copy, Ads, Funnel & Strategy to effectively lead your prospect down the path from point A to point buyer.

Nothing more.

Nothing less. 

  •  1hr Funnel Strategy Session with Traci Bermingham (Click Funnels Certified Partner)- Become crystal clear on your funnel goal & business strategy.  We'll define EXACTLY what you need to do to achieve them.  (VALUE: $997)
  •  Quarterly Income Stacking Workshop- Within ChicFunnels, we generate new funnels within 12 weeks or less.   At the end of 12wks we celebrate our wins, make adjustments where needed and determine our next funnel goal, business strategy and action plan.  We literally stack our $$$$ funnels to create additional income streams every 12wks!   (VALUE: $2499)
  •  PROVEN, Gorgeous ClickFunnels Templates- Unlimited & exclusive access to our funnel template library.  Take the guess work out of your funnels- start with proven templates from day 1.  (VALUE: $10,000)
  •  Growing library of Done-For-You business templates, cheat sheets & checklists (VALUE: $749)
  •  Custom Teamwork Account- Online Project Management software, where we will literally walk you through creating your 12wk plan as an easy to follow, step-by-step checklist, where you just go down the list and check off the action items as you complete them. (VALUE: $1997)
  •  Accountability Partner- You will partner with one other powerful woman entrepreneur so you can keep each other accountable in achieving your funnel goals.  (You don't need to go at it alone anymore!)  (VALUE: $997)
  •   FB Group- Get real time support, guidance and feedback from Traci & the awesome women entrepreneurs in this highly engaged group. (VALUE: $997)
  •   Weekly LIVE 1hr Group Funnel Q&A call where you can ask any & all questions. (VALUE:$997)
  •   Weekly LIVE 1hr Group ClickFunnels Tech Support call (VALUE:$997)
  •   Monthly LIVE 1hr Expert Training (VALUE:$1997) (Topics Include Sales Copy, Facebook Ads, etc)
"Traci has helped me make HUGE shifts in my business- both mindset and profit.  I doubted myself and my potential.  Traci pushes me out of my comfort zone and holds me accountable.  I've broken down barriers, shifted my company & aligned with my purpose.  
Brandy Alexander
Owner, Groove Jet Salon & Studio
ABOUT GOALDI Coaching & Consulting
& Founder Traci A. Bermingham
Hello, My Friend!

A little about me...  

I'm a very happily married mom of four little boys. Yes four! They are 7, 5, 3 & 1 year old. They’re just about the sweetest guys ever! 

I have my BA in Psychology, Minor in Sociology and my Masters in Business, Project Management certified and most recently worked like crazy to become a ClickFunnels Certified Partner. I am an information-aholic and unwavering optimist. 

What I do...  

For the better part of two decades now, I've been helping my clients launch hundreds of millions of dollars worth of new products and services.  (My biggest launch ever, hit the $100,000,000 mark in sales last year- how's that for big!?!)

Over the years, I've developed my own unique system to help my clients and their teams launch consistently and successfully every. single. time. 

How I do it... 

The great thing about my system is that it's SUPER simple!  

          Step 1- Define your biz goal
          Step 2- Create a plan
          Step 3- Execute your plan

I'm totally not kidding! That's it. This is EXACTLY what I've done over and over and over again to generate LITERALLY hundreds of millions in profits for my clients.
How I can help you...

I LOVE working with women entrepeneurs, we are such a powerful group and yet, we often forget our own power and get in our own way.  

I guide you in building gorgeous funnels for your female buyers!  I'll take you from business idea to income with simple, easy to use sales funnels.

We do this with expert consulting, accountability, support & strategic action.

I geek out at all things sales funnels and I help you to build your healthy, sustainable funnels,that generate consistent traffic, consistent clients and consistent income.
How Do I Know If I Need To 
FILL THE GAP In My Business?
  • You've made business goals in the past, but because you weren't held accountable, you still haven't reached your goals.
  •  You're stuck in a tornado of fear and indecision, scared to make a decision, because it might be the wrong one and you never get your business off the ground because of it.
  •  You compare yourself to other successful women entrepreneurs and find yourself lacking, so you think you have to take more online courses and learn more before you can become successful.  The problem is, now that you've taken so many courses, you're more confused than ever on where to start and how to implement what you've learned into your business.
  •  You don't have a consistent stream of new clients coming in the door -you're caught up in a boom or bust cycle where you market like crazy to get new clients, then stop marketing in order to serve those clients...  Then, when your program ends, you have to start the whole painful process all over again.
  •  You need to stop spending $$$$ and start making $$$$ ASAP.  You don't have a fairy godmother with magical pockets who'll bankroll your business. 
  •  You question your pricing structure and whether or not you're providing enough value.
  •  You're overwhelmed with having to do it all.  You have limited time available to work on your business.  You know you need to move quicker and work more consistently on income producing activities.  
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