Business Alignment Method

The Ultimate Guided Implementation Program To Align Your Business, Free Your Time & Scale With Ease & Flow.

Business Alignment Method

The Ultimate Guided Implementation Program To Align Your Business, Free Your Time & Scale With Ease & Flow.

What Is The Business Alignment Method?

The Business Alignment Method is a guided implementation program for virtual entrepreneurs who want to get at least 20 hours of their time back by easily building the flow state directly into their day-to-day business operations.

Whether your business systems are non-existent or you're ready to move into a team-run business model, our done-with-you program gives you all the tools and support you need to fast-track your business alignment and freedom - saving you years of bottlenecks, fire drills and dropped balls.

Over the past 25+ years, we've launched over $1 Billion in new products and services into the world. We've helped business owners to build their dream businesses that create lasting time and financial freedom. We'd be honored to help you too! 💕

Just Imagine A Life Filled With All The Things…

Time Freedom

Do what you want, when you want, with whomever you want. No questions. No apologies.

💸 Calm Cashflow

An aligned business can set you up for a life of simple, consistent, stress-free cashflow.

💃 Meaningful Impact

Change Lives. Make the impact that you were meant to make on the world, without compromise.

The Business Alignment Method Will Help You To...


Get Your Time Back

Stop struggling to get it all done. It's not about working harder, it's about implementing the systems & workflow that are necessary to give you the time freedom you've been chasing.


​​Design a Self-Managed Team

End the need to micro-manage your team so that things don't fall through the cracks. Feel confident that the work is getting done in exactly the way you would have done it yourself.


Build The Flow State

Transform your chaotic business processes into streamlined systems, harnessing the power of flow and efficiency so that you, and your team, can work in your zones of genius all day, every day.


Eliminate The Chaos

Once and for all, end the dropped balls and fire drills. Remove yourself as the bottleneck and watch your team and client satisfaction soar to exponential heights and revenue growth.


Get It All Done

Enough of the sleepless nights with a list of To-Do's rolling across your brain. Easily & efficiently get it all done, so that you can confidently take time off to relax, refresh and re-energize.


Naturally Increase Sales

Stop pushing so hard to scale your business. Instead, build your new ideas directly into the flow of your business. Systematically optimize & create new income streams with ease.

How Does Business Alignment Method Work?

B.A.M. is a guided implementation program, for you and your team, where we will work with you to build your systems. You’ll get:

  • Work Management System with 35+ beautiful pre-loaded board templates to help easily manage team tasks, social media, affiliate boards, business metrics etc.

  • 7-Module Video Training Program

  • 1:1 Alignment Acceleration Coach to help implement quickly and efficiently

  • Goaldi Expert Coaching to Include:

    * Tech Support

    * Systems & Process Creation

    * Leadership Team Only

    * Team Member Only

    * Mindset Shifts

    * Focus & Flow Working Sessions

  • Done-for-you process swipe files, resources, and templates

  • Quarterly Planning Sessions to scale with ease and flow.


  • Live group coaching with Traci Bermingham & Expert Team

  • Bonus masterclasses and advanced trainings

  • Access to new and updated templates and income stream processes, as they become available.

When you join The Business Alignment Method, we've got your back.

Complete the program with us, then revisit, review and use the material as much as you want. The training modules, bonus resources, and recordings are yours to utilize in future when building a new income stream or for onboarding & training new team members.

Is The Business Alignment Method Right For Me?

The Business Alignment Method is for the overwhelmed and overworked virtual entrepreneur and their teams. We support the business owner who's built a successful business but who has the weight of the world on their shoulders, trying to manage their teams and keep it all together. They haven't taken a vacation in years and are now swamped daily with endless tasks, dropped balls and emergency fire drills.

Caught in a cycle of endless texts, Zoom, and Slack messages, leading to fire drills and overwhelming tasks that leave them and their team drained. It feels like a constant battle to meet deadlines, and the idea of scaling seems like a distant dream overshadowed by the reality of their current chaos. They yearn for the success they've worked so hard for, to enjoy life beyond work, and to scale their business without it consuming every moment of their day.

Product-Based & E-Com Businesses

The Business Alignment Method (BAM) is designed with product-based businesses in mind, providing essential strategies and tools that are perfect for entrepreneurs dealing in items like supplements and wellness tools. It guides you through optimizing inventory management, refining sales processes, and enhancing customer engagement. With BAM, you’ll have everything you need to efficiently manage and grow your health and wellness product enterprise.

YES, The Business Alignment Method works for...

Coaches, Consultants, Agencies & Service-Based Businesses

The Business Alignment Method (BAM) is designed to support service-based businesses, such as coaches, consultants and agencies. It welcomes business owners and their teams into the program so that they can learn together and can be guided into creating an aligned business.

BAM will help businesses to organize the entire backend operations of the business. This can often include creation and delivery of virtual courses or coaching, client management systems, customer support system set up and maintenance, email, social media, affiliate, event marketing processes, sales funnel setup and process, content creation cadence, metrics tracking, onboarding systems, team management, and so much more. This program is tailored to the business and teams unique operational needs. specific business operations needs.

The program helps teams to quickly create efficiencies that have a ripple effect throughout the business, resulting in decrease of costly mistakes, decrease in unhappy customers, decrease in out of control expenses... while increases in time freedom, increases in team capacity and job satisfaction, increases in client satisfaction, increases in marketing consistency that leads to increases in lead generation and increased $$$$ income. Creating the flow state in businesses, allows for calm cashflow and mega impact on the world.

Who Teaches The Business Alignment Method?

I'm the boring one . I'm the one in the background.

You would never know that, over the past 25 years, I've helped launch over $1 Billion in products and services into the world , because I'm the one, leading the teams, behind the scenes to make it all happen.

I'm the one who LOVES doing the unsexy stuff. Building the systems, running the operations, getting it all done consistently, quickly & efficiently.

Over the years, I've worked in the backend of more businesses than I can count. I see so many entrepreneurs struggling because they've built businesses that make them miserable.

They're terrified that if they took a vacation or got sick that their businesses would fail and they'd lose it all.

They think that everybody else has it all figured out
and they're embarrassed to talk about the stress they're under...

Meet Traci Bermingham

I'm here to tell you that NONE of them have it figured out!

And honestly, of course they don't.

As entrepreneurs, we're taught the latest marketing methods, the most aggressive sales techniques or how to 10x our profits in the next 30 days.

But what happens when you've actually made the money and earned some success, but you feel guilty for not spending enough time with your kids and you're so busy that you haven't slept a full night in... well, you don't remember when.

That's where we come in. I would rather create a simple business & a peaceful life.

I LOVE the Unsexy Stuff and I help entrepreneurs to align their businesses.

We help BUILD the flow state and business alignment into every day.

So that they can get their time back, get the financial freedom, make their impact on the worldAND CHOOSE what to do next with their life.


How Do I Get Started?

The Business Alignment Method is a guided implementation and therefore has limited capacity for onboarding. Please click the button below to fill out an application and we'll schedule a call to see if this program is the right fit for you.

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With Your Host,

Traci Bermingham


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