Hi, My name is Traci Bermingham. 

 I am very happily married and I’m a mother of four little boys. Yes four! They are seven, five, three and 1 year old. They’re just about the sweetest guys ever! 

I have my BA in Psychology, Minor in Sociology and my MBA, emphasis in Marketing. I'm Project Management certified, a ClickFunnels Certified Partner and most recently I was chosen by Russell Brunson as a top designer for ClickFunnels. I am a book-aholic and unwavering optimist. 

For over 16 years I have helped make my clients make hundreds of millions of dollars launching their newest products and services. I have simultaneously managed multi-year, multi-million dollar projects- all with teams of 25 or more...

It sounds complicated doesn’t it? :P

But all I do is create simplicity. I break the business down into something that my two year old could understand… into bite sized chunks. Then I lead the team to start knocking down the To Do’s.  Whether it's Filling the GAP or Funnels within your business, we go with ease and flow and simplicity to create our success.

I love working with women entrepreneurs, we are such a powerful group and yet I think we forget our own power sometimes (or get in our own way).

We have these thought loops in our head. I read somewhere that we have fifty thousand thoughts running through our head every day. Most of those thoughts are the same ones as we had yesterday and of those, almost 80% are negative. We are so hard on ourselves sometimes. We think we should know this stuff already. That we shouldn’t need help. That the successful ones know more than we do and we need to figure out what they know, before we move forward.

But I know the secrets of the successful ones. And I am more than happy to share them with you… I’ll do more than share them with you, I’ll walk with you to success step-by-baby step.

My goal is to help you live life on your own terms, whatever that means for you. I’m not going to tell you that I know the EXACT strategy you need to make 6 figures… I honestly believe that the only way we can be truly happy and soul fillingly joyful is when we’re living our own authenticity- when we are SEEN and accepted as we truly are. And when we’ve built a business that supports us as we are.

That’s why over the years, I have developed my systems to help bring structure, automation and $$$$ success to your business. (As a side note, this is also the system that I used to help me find my husband/soul mate- remind me to tell you that story, one of these days) Anyways, this is the same system I have used to make hundreds of millions for the big guys.

Think about the GPS navigation in your car. YOU plug in the destination and YOU decide if you want to make any stops along the way… but your GPS will give you turn by turn, step by step directions to get you there… 

Make a wrong turn?  No problem, we just recalculate… You are always supported and guided. My system works exactly the same way for your business.

We work together to build a smart, custom destination for your business. To be clear, you are the expert in your business and life, I’m not going to tell you what to do... but I will walk through fire to help you get EXACTLY what YOU want. 

Then we plan step-by-step, turn by turn by creating an action plan… with the understanding that you don’t know what you don’t know… There are some things that you can’t plan for up front… of course there are… you’ve never done this before!

Then, we step on the gas… It’s time to take action.  Expertise, consultations, help, guidance, support … and a dose of cheerleading, is what we offer.

To achieve our crazy, big goals… we’re bound to run straight into the wall of our worst fears along the way… we use homework, meditation, energy healing, journaling, and, let’s be honest, anything else we can think of to get us through them with ease and grace and to keep us moving forward. 

And just so you understand... my systems…  me helping you succeed in building your business with heart... Me helping you to see how amazing YOU truly are and bringing those gifts to the world… This is me being authentically me.  I’m a systems, structure and automation geek.  I've built my systems to help you succeed in anything and everything you choose.  I get to share this with you every single day. 

 How lucky am I?

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